I was born into the Roman catholic Church, althought its an institution created by God, it is not perfect, like any other institution, being a government, company, non profit organization,

We will find good people and bad people in every institution, you will find very nice, welcoming, hard working, generous people in every religion, country or nation, but you also will find bad people in every institution, nation, religion etc, this gets worse if those bad people openly seek to control and be in positions of power.

The Sex abuse scandals that have been rocking the Catholic (universal) church for the last 50 years is extremally tragic, but it does not define the 1 billion catholics in the planet, I know that this institution will do better in the future, God willing.

" Y vendran  aquellos  Que le prohibirán casarse y mandarán abstenerse de alimentos que Dios creó para que con acción de gracias participasen de ellos los creyentes y los que han conocido la verdad." 1 Timoteo 4: : 3

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