My name is Gerardo Lagunes, I'm  a single man,  I'm a North American man guy born in the - three times we burned down the place, -  the state of Veracruz.  (The name means true cross, true religion.)

iAfter my parents separation, I moved to the northern part of the North American continent at the age of 15.9 ( July 2000.)

I ran away from my father and spend my 16th birthday  in the town of Gillete Wyoming.

After a health scare and powerful  and humbling spiritual experience in 2020, my soul was  purified and I cleaned my heart, mind and body and become a vegetarian, I do not eat any meat, eggs, garlic or onions.

I try to stay away from earthly things and spend my time helping others and worshiping our father God.

I always work hard, I have optimism and have faith in humanity, I know that we will overcome and I know that we will have  a better future., 

I Praise our God because he corrected me  and life and allowed me to see my own faults and give me the strengh that I need to do better in life.