Gerardo Lagunes

My name is Gerardo Lagunes, I live in Arlington Texas,  I'm  Mexican born guy from the 3 times heroic  state of Veracruz.  

 My father is a rancher and my mom is a homemaker. I  have a 6 brothers Jorge, Ruben, Jose Carlos, Julio cesar, Jose Antonio and Jose Andres, 2 sisters Silvia Virgina (deseased) and Maria Teresa Diana.

My genetic heritage is 73% native Mexican (Aztec) 13% Spaniard, the rest African, (Senegalese, Bantu) Russian, French, Italian and Chinese.

I always work hard, I have optimism and have faith in humanity, I know that we will overcome and I always hope for a better future.,  I Praise our God because he corrected me life and allowed me to see my own faults and give me the strengh to do better in life.


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